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Ethical leather - fact or fiction

Aimee Pearce

What makes a product "ethical"? It's a question that a lot of people ask and one that is often applied to the category of leather. At a time when human rights abuses are rampant, environmental impacts are catastrophic and animal cruelty is being exposed frequently, consumers are endorsing the social and environmental activities of companies - either inadvertently or inadvertently. Whether we like it or not, the way we spend our money has an impact.

When it comes to leather there is a LOT of debate around whether or not this animal by-product can ever truly be ethical. Estimates suggest that every year the leather industry is responsible for the slaughter of over a billion animals for their skins.  Yikes! Of course there is considerable concern about animal cruelty within the leather industry as a lot of the world's leather comes from developing countries where there is little legislation around animal welfare and even worse regulation. And then there's the environmental impacts - tanneries are renowned for using some fairly nasty toxins. So we absolutely should be questioning our consumption of leather!

That's why at Wanderlust People HQ we were pretty excited about the new travel bags we recently designed and produced in Nepal. We think they are pretty much as close to ethical leather as you can possibly get. Made from hardwearing cotton these bags feature straps made from "village" leather. This means that the leather is made from animals who have died from natural causes in the village. Pretty cool huh! So not only is it the perfect companion to take as your carry-on bag or your trusty weekender, but it's also ethical!

We hope you love them as much as we do.

Packed with personality this bag is going places. Take it with you on your next jaunt. Check it out in the online store