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Travel stories, inspiration, news and musing

We are the dreamers, the seekers, the travellers, the adventurers, the optimists. It's nice to meet you! There are lots of us with the same DNA - we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Monday meetings

Aimee Pearce

Hi! It's been awhile since we've done some formal introductions so I wanted to say aloha!

My name is Aimée and I make up one half of the dream team that is Wanderlust People! 

Obviously my favourite thing in the world to do is travel. But here are a few little personal insights into my world....



  • This photo is one of my favourites because it represents a special time in life for me we spent three months in Uganda, volunteering with a water development organisation. I learned a lot about myself, who I was and who I wanted to become during this period outside everything that was familiar to me. 
  • My favourite cultural immersion destination is India. There is no better place to travel if you want to be smacked in the face with everything - colours, smells, sights, sounds. India is like a boisterous, vivacious, larger-than-life grandmother - smooshing your face into her buxom bosom. There are moments when you want nothing more than to escape but if you can relax into it and take it all in (the country, not the bosom) it will be unforgettable! India is probably the destination I most frequently linger over in my thoughts and dream about returning to. Maybe. There are probably a few places that fit this category! One of things India's culture and colour really translates into the country's craftsmanship and design. If you visit India you will want to bring EVERYTHING home. Luckily we can save you some space in your suitcase as we have plenty of beautiful Indian treasures you can check out in our store.
  • My best adventure trip is South America. I've only scraped the surface of this mammoth continent but our three weeks in Peru and Bolivia was jam-packed with adventure like no other trip before. Multiple treks, crazy down-hill mountain biking, white-water rafting and zip-lining. With scenery that will blow your mind and altitudes of dizzying heights, South America is an adrenalin junkie's paradise.
  • Best gastronomical destination is hard to pick! But if I had to pick one place I would say San Sebastian, Spain. There is something amazing about the pintxos scene in San Seb where every little bar serves pinxtos (literally means "small snacks") but if you find the right bar or restaurant your taste buds will explode with joy. Overall though, French food is my vice and I can't go past France as my favourite foodie destination. What's not to love about starting the day with pastry and ending it with confit duck right?
  • Best destination for relaxing would have to be the Gili Islands in Lombok, Indonesia.
  • Best getaway in my own backyard is Byron Bay. It's only a few hours drive from home so my year wouldn't be complete without one or two long weekends in Byron - where the beaches are stunning, the coffee is a-plenty, the restaurants are divine and the vibes are chilled.
  • My last trip was to Vanuatu to visit Elissa (the other half of Wanderlust People who is currently living and working for 18 months in the Pacific
  • My next trip Australia trip is Norfolk Island and my next international trip is Bali.

Thanks for travelling with us! And feel free to hit me up if you have any questions about upcoming trips or have any recommendations for me for Norfolk or Bali. Sharing is caring! xx