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For richer or poorer

Aimee Pearce

It's a common symptom of living in a western, capital country to always talk about money as something you could do with more of. I get it. There are bills to pay, rising costs of living, a housing affordability crisis. Children to clothe and feed. I totally get it. But there is something really repulsive about hearing it talked about so often as something we "deserve" something we "struggle" for, "strive" for. I shudder when I hear the words come out of my own mouth "if only I had xxx then I could xxxx". So gross.

And there's nothing like a good dose of healthy reality-check to put everything in perspective. Care International has recently put out an online to calculator to work out where you rank globally in terms of income. It's a pretty snazzy little tool that combines the most recent salary data from the World Bank, currency conversion using purchasing power parity dollars, and a statistical model to estimate where you sit on the global rich list.

So if you are an average earning Aussie (with an annual income of $81,947 converted to $US64,052 for the calculator) you are in the top 0.16% richest people in the world! Crazy hey. And that makes you the 9,484,996th richest person in the world to be precise.


Pretty awesome perspective huh. So next time you're feeling sorry for your lack of access to high-end fashion or feeling woeful about the increasing price of martinis, maybe practice a little reality reflection and see if you don't feel better. And while you're at it, why not have a read over some of our FAQs to find out why income is important and how buying fairtrade products can make the world of difference for the producers.