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We are the dreamers, the seekers, the travellers, the adventurers, the optimists. It's nice to meet you! There are lots of us with the same DNA - we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

A tribute to the strong

Aimee Pearce

Standing up for people isn't always easy. In fact sometimes feeling the weight of the responsibility to stand up for other people can feel like a curse. You know that it would be so much easier to keep your mouth shut at the dinner party, or not have to face the awful eye-roll (actually sometimes it's a full body roll) because you're that person (again) who just can't let that undercurrent of intolerance or prejudice or sexism go unaddressed. Because you know it will keep you up at night. You will feel the weight of not-speaking up - whether it's for the orphan or the widow, the environment, the women or the refugee - much, much more than the awkwardness of the conflict. In fact, it might keep you up night as you play over in your mind the responsibility that you passed up just so you could endure a couple of hours of forced conversation about other things that don't really matter. 

I admire the strong ones. I aspire to be like the strong ones. I respect the strong ones. Not because they argue, or nitpick or create conflict for conflicts sake - but because they recognise what is important in life. They're not afraid to question the status quo. And they want to make the world a better place. Those are my people.