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Nailing your Christmas shopping early

Aimee Pearce

OK so it’s that time of year already. Crazy, I know. But my five-year-old is actually begging me to put the tree up so I’ve been thinking, as I do every year, even though it’s only November, if I don’t get my butt into gear early, I will miss the online shopping window. And it’s a legitimate fear of everyone who is striving to be a more ethical, sustainable consumer am I right? If we don’t plan ahead and put some thought into our Christmas shopping we may end up caught in the chaos of buying whatever pointless, meaningless, piece of junk we can get our hands on the week before Christmas at a soulless shopping centre where everyone is walking (read: running) around like highly anxious maniacs at one of those ridiculous all-nighter pre-Christmas shopping events. Or maybe this is just my nightmare????

Anyway….one thing I know for certain is that if I can plan out my Christmas shopping even a bit in advance, it takes A LOT of stress out of the lead up to the big event. From experience I buy less and I buy better. The gifts I buy are more thoughtful (both in terms of the actual purchase and where and how the product was made). So it’s November. We’ve still got time. You can sit down with a glass of wine and some Netflix and chip away at your list without tweaking out. Let’s do this! My goal last year which I am going to try and replicate this year, was to do as much as I could online in November, with plenty of time for shipping and returns if necessary, and then what I couldn’t get done in advance, I shopped at some local markets the week or two before Christmas. Easy. And enjoyable. Who’s with me?!?!?

To get you started, here are some of my favourite items in the store that might give you some inspiration.