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South Pacific Exploring

Aimee Pearce

It's true that there is no perfect place to travel. No ideal locale that will suit every individual's whim. You might love a particular destination while for someone else it's a little too busy or there's not enough [insert whiny tourist gripe i.e. coffee]. But I think it's also true that your experience and what you take away from a trip, mostly comes down to attitude.

I've recently returned from a week on Norfolk Island - a big family trip where we all stayed in one beautiful, big house and explored every inch of the island we could possibly squeeze into seven days. Now Norfolk Island actually wasn't high on my hit list of travel destinations but my parents planned the trip and I'm generally a get-on-board-and-enjoy-the-adventure kind of person and when it comes to travel, I think it's the only way to be.

While I was on Norfolk Island I actually heard a few visitors say that you wouldn't want to stay longer than 3 or 4 days. Or "We've been around the island on the first day and seen all there is to see, now we're kinda bored". I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating I find this travel attitude. Mainly I think it stems from having very specific expectations of a place which will nearly always set you up for disappointment. Or just not adapting well to things being "different" to your version normal.

There is one small supermarket on Norfolk Island and there is a great sign in the produce section which basically says, hey, you can't get everything that you can on the mainland, it's just not available. Don't expect it and just try and appreciate our way of life. Go Norfolk Island! I'm sure the locals must get sick and tired of entitled visitors getting their nose out of joint because they can't buy a certain type of vegetable. Which is not even in season, yet alone grown on the island. I say, embrace it! You are on a tiny, 35 square kilometre island, in the middle of the south pacific. You are so far from the rest of civilization and that should be a pro, not a con! You only have to make do with the limited food supplies for a week or two - adapt! Use what is locally grown. Support local restaurants and farmers.

There is a lot to love about Norfolk Island it has an amazing history, serving as a penal settlement from 1788 and the island's local people are fiercely proud of their ancestory - dating back to Fletcher Christian and the Mutiny on the Bounty. But if you're not a history buff, there is plenty of natural beauty to explore on the island. Every day we discovered new bays, amazing inlets and coves, beautiful walks and picnic areas, snorkelling, surf and amazing sunsets over the rugged cliffs.

So if you're in the market for a getaway to paradise in the middle of nowhere, Norfolk Island could be your next holiday destination.