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Baby product inspo for new mamas

Aimee Pearce

In just a few weeks time the Wanderlust People family will grow again! I am getting ready to welcome baby boy #3 to the WP tribe so it goes without saying that I've got a million things to do, no time and do it and a list as long as my arm. I mean I should know what I'm doing (having done it twice before) but there still seems to be a significant amount of selective memory, missing crucial items (I probably donated a whole bunch of nursery items in one of my ruthless clean outs) and just plain EEEEEEEEKKKKK-what-am-I-doing-I'm-about-to-have-a-third-child?!?! factor. Actually, if I am completely honest, it's probably mostly from line item 3.

But in amid the panic and the preparation, there is also a healthy dose of contemplation and general day-dreaming. You know when you KNOW it's definitely going to be your last baby, you allow yourself time to think about the things that are important and how you want to do it different or better, or just appreciate it more. 

Now I don't for one second profess to being perfect when it comes to living an ethical and sustainable lifestyle. But I'm always TRYING to be better. I've got the reusable nappies that just didn't seem to make an appearance with baby number two, so this time - I'm going to try harder! And when I need to give myself a break I will be sticking with Thank You Nappies. I've used them consistently with #2 and not only are they sustainably sourced but 100% of the company's profits is committed to funding safe births and healthcare for mums and bubs in need.

Now I already have a lot of the day-to-day items that are necessary for newborn. But when it comes to the missing pieces, I'm all about reuse and recycling. So many people have items that have been used only for a few months (if at all) so I love borrowing and sharing the love with fellow mamas. I was lucky to be loaned a gorgeous basinette and my secondhand cot still has plenty of life left in it. 

And of course there are always the items that you just really want to refresh. Friends and family can't help but buy new little special items for your new bundle and somewhere during the nesting process you still seem to lose your mind a little bit and find yourself browsing online for things you WANT but don't necessarily NEED. It's a fine line. :-) For me, if people ask what I want or need or what they can buy for a friend or family member expecting a bub, I always direct them other amazing local creators and small businesses who are designing gorgeous items for babies. Some of favourite friends are Bluebird Co for stunning jewels and keepsakes for little people or Chasing Rivers which is a label for babies and children with free spirits and adventurous souls. And Raquel's new range has some stunning prints.


And I couldn't write a blog about baby products without mentioning my personal favourite in the Wanderlust People range. These gorgeous booties are handmade from felt and are simply adorable.


If I've missed any of your favourite items or tips for preparing for bub - please share your advice. We would love to hear from you!