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Travel News: The world's 10 best airports to sleep in

Aimee Pearce

I love to travel. But I HATE to transit! Especially since having children. The days of watching movies on planes, perhaps having a sip of red wine, or a nap if I feel like it, a browse in the duty free shops - GONE! FOREVER! Now the act of getting from one destination to the next is can only be likened to a splinter in my toe. A frustrating, tedious, sometimes painful incident that is just holding me up from actually having fun. In fact only last week Elissa shared some of her frustrations in a similar vein - the pitfalls of long-haul flights with kids.

Ok so that might be SLIGHTLY dramatic. But you get the picture. I don't really like it. Even though my toddler is so far a really great traveller. There is just something about the process that invokes fear and trepidation. And maybe even mild panic attacks.

So I'm all for making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. And do you know what the key is? SLEEP! And as much of it as possible. That's why I love this recent article by Traveller which names the 10 best airports to sleep in. So take note! If you have the option, you may wish to consider transiting through one of these airports on your next big adventure!


via Traveller

Feeling relaxed? Trees and plants dot the building inside Changi airport, which boasts a five-storey vertical garden with waterfalls. Image via Traveller

Feeling relaxed? Trees and plants dot the building inside Changi airport, which boasts a five-storey vertical garden with waterfalls. Image via Traveller

Few people associate airports with rest and relaxation, but a poll of more than 25,000 travellers by the website has uncovered the 10 where you're most likely to catch 40 winks.

10. Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

The website also has some helpful tips for anyone who finds themselves faced with the prospect of a night in an airport terminal. It suggests carrying an eye mask or sunglasses, ear plugs, bottled water and snacks, a pillow and blanket, and - for the truly dedicated - an inflatable raft or lilo.

9. Stockholm Arlanda International Airport

An alarm clock is also recommended. Or, failing that, "take a pen and some post-it notes. Write a 'Wake me at 5:00 AM' note and stick a few on yourself and the seats around you - it works. People will wake you."

8. Tallinn International Airport

Safety, of course, is paramount. "If you are travelling alone we recommend that you sleep near other travellers," the website says. "Make sure they are actual travellers and not homeless people – it is sometimes hard to tell in certain airports. While there have never been any reports of attacks against airport sleepers, there have been a few bum fondlings. A few iPods and laptops have also gone missing."

7. Tokyo Haneda International Airport

Some airports are incredibly popular among terminal sleepers. "If you are staying at a busy airport overnight, you'll have to get there early if you want a good spot, especially during the summer season," it adds. "Airports such as London Stansted are so popular they can look like refugee camps on an average night."

6. Porto Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport

You may need to be creative. The website suggests sleeping "behind ticket counters, under and behind seats, in wheelchairs and on luggage conveyor belts."

5. Vienna International Airport

Can't find anywhere comfy? Then why not hire a car? It might work out cheaper than an airport hotel. "Sure the car rental staff may look into your car wondering if you've had a stroke, but hey, you're saving money here!"

4. Munich International Airport

Bag theft is an obvious concern for the airport slumberer. If you can't lock it up try sleeping "with an arm or leg over or on top of the large bag, so that if it moves, you will wake," the website states. Or chain the bag to your leg to be extra safe.

3. Helsinki International Airport

And if airport security confront you? "Act like you REALLY do not want to be there and that there is absolutely nowhere else to go," it says. "We find crying helps."

2. Seoul Incheon International Airport

A midnight snack? "There have been reports of a few generous vendors giving away their unsold food to airport sleepers," according to the website. "If you are travelling in a group, send out the most desperate looking person to wander aimlessly around the food court area when staff are starting to shut down."

1. Singapore Changi International Airport

And there you have it. Singapore's Changi Airport, in addition to featuring a butterfly garden, orchids, and a five-metre "Green Wall", is the best airport in the world to sleep in, thanks to its free massage chairs, low-lit relaxation zones, armrest-free seating and handy mobile charging outlets. All hail Changi.