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How to knock over your Christmas shopping in one fell swoop

Elissa Webster

Oh my goodness, Christmas shopping. I have a love/hate relationship with it. On the one hand, I get a huge thrill from really nailing just the right thing  for just the right person. Gives me little quivers! On the other, both the sheer number of people I have to shop for (this year I discovered teacher's gifts are a thing - pretty sure none of my teachers got more than a high five but there you go!!) and the volume of stuff inherent in an Australian Christmas - the resources it takes to produce them, the waste entailed in all that packaging, the thought of all of us having to fit all of that new stuff into our lives somewhere - makes me feel a bit queasy.

So - ke garne?! as they say in Nepal. What to do?!

It's actually kind of simple. Give quality over quantity. Give things that last, that are crafted not churned out, that invest in an economy that values fairness and artistry and the Earth. Give one beautiful, carefully chosen, perfect thing, rather than a collection of everyone's-got-one, every-store-stocks-them, find-a-bargain, this-week's-latest things.

And even better - do it in one place! Right now if you like! Here we go...

Dominoes for your brother

They're cool and look classy on the coffee table, even if he still hasn't learnt to count the dots any better than when you were 12. And they are handmade in India and Fairtrade certified to boot.

More for hombres...

Cotton throw for your mum

She can sit on it at the beach, or snuggle under it in front of the telly. It's handwoven in Ethiopia from 100% cotton and Fairtrade certified.

More for mums...

Brass necklace for your sister

Direct from Kenya and Fairtrade certified, it's got an adjustable clasp and sits perfectly no matter what neckline you're wearing. Buy her one, or you know she'll just steal yours anyway.

More for femmes...

Decanter for your dad

Every dad likes a tipple now and then, so you know it will get more use than the sock organiser you bought him last year. It's handmade in Peru and Fairtrade certified. And it looks good on the sideboard too. Bonus.

More for kitchens and cooks...

Chocolate and caramel leather bag for your bestie

Who doesn't love a good leather bag?! And this one is divine - and Fairtrade certified and handmade in India. Go on then.

More leather bags, wallets and cases...

Carved lock box for your grandparents

Will it hold your grandpa's cigars or your nana's pearls? Only time will tell. It's handcarved and crafted in India and Fairtrade certified.

More for home...

Puzzle for your nephew

It's fun, it's colourful, it's educational. Tick, tick, tick. It's also Fairtrade certified and handmade in Sri Lanka and finished with lead-free, non-toxic paint. Done!

More for bambinis...

Bits and bobs box for the teacher

They've always got stuff that needs containing on their desk, right? This palewa stone trinket box handcarved in India and Fairtrade certified is the perfect gift.

More for desks and decoration...

So there you go. You're welcome ;)

Happy shopping! And Merry Christmas!