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How to combat a travel dry spell

Aimee Pearce

It's one of my most-hated feelings. That bleak, empty, confusion and lack of motivation that sits heavy in the pit of your stomach when you look at your calendar and the year ahead and see pages and pages of BLANK! Well maybe not blank - there's a lot of boring stuff like birthdays and various other commitments - but the glorious expectation that comes with seeing weeks in a row of days upon days crossed out of action on the calendar, marked with stars and exclamation marks and excitement and anticipation that can only be equated with the glory of a BIG overseas trip......NOWHERE TO BE SEEN!

Ok so this is the kind of travel dry spell I'm dealing with at the moment. I've got baby number two due pretty much any day now. My house is a complete wreck due to a major renovation. And I am completely self-aware enough to realise that it puts me in the danger zone of hating on anyone else in my world who is planning a big adventure this year. I have pretty close to zero capacity to be excited for other people's adventures if all I can see on my horizon is dirty nappies, sleepless nights and a house full of dust. Now I'm not saying that's ok, I'm also aware that it's completely selfish and unreasonable. But it's also a fairly common feeling for wanderlust-junkies. No one is ok with being left at home ever! And certainly not ALL YEAR!!!!!

So what am I going to do about it? Instead of whinging and whining I've come up with a plan to keep me sane and have some little travel tasters this year. It may not be epic by any means, but you can't necessarily have wild, long adventures every single year of your life. It's just not realistic.  Hopefully this plan will keep me going and give you some inspiration if you're in the same boat as me this year.


1.Embrace the long weekends. I am going to pencil in every long weekend possible (expect maybe Easter when I could be in labour - gulp!) and I am going to OWN THEM! With a day or two added to a long weekend, 3 days off can easily become 5 and that is plenty of time to explore somewhere new and beautiful. So I'm thinking of easy roadtrips (maybe Kingscliff or inland in the winter) and maybe something interstate later in the year.


Ahhhh the long weekender....I'm relaxed already

Ahhhh the long weekender....I'm relaxed already

2. Savour the season. I am in a season of having young children. And while I am an absolute advocate for travelling with kids, I'm also a realist. With a newborn and a toddler in tow, it's actually not the year for globe-gallivanting. But it is the year for an awesome family holiday! So in September we are going to stay at a beautiful beach front house at Byron Bay with my entire family for a whole week. Sounds blissful right!

A week here is going to be pretty tough! Pic via Stayz

A week here is going to be pretty tough! Pic via Stayz

3. Embrace not having too many set plans. The thing I love about this goal is, it actually allows some space for spontaneity. While on the one hand it means we don't have a big overseas jaunt planned, on the other hand it means I could be in the market for a great sale fare! Once things calm down a bit, you can bet I will be checking out the sale fares to absolutely anywhere and could definitely be in the market for a week or two at any location, depending on my whim and the season! My hot tip is if you've got some flexibility utilise search tools like Adioso. This is a great website that allows you to search for flights and accommodation anywhere in the world depending on your flexibility. So you can search set times of the year or specific locations, or you can broaden your search and just look for any great deals absolutely ANYWHERE!