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Another thing to love about November

Elissa Webster

I love November. I love that here in Queensland, the jacarandas come out in full force and lay down some way over the top and seriously spectacular carpets of purple goodness. I love that the first storms rear their ferocious heads. I love those first properly hot days when it's still a novelty to feel sweaty and you know that summer - long days, dinner outside, the smell of mozzie coils, BBQ everything, heaps of public holidays, sand on the floor all the time - is really coming. On top of that, there's also 20% off storewide here at Wanderlust People for the whole month of November (just enter the code hohoho at the checkout) - there's a lot to love about that! 

And then this week, I discovered there's another reason to love November - apparently It's also the best time to travel!


Southern Spain and Portugal in autumn - it's not ugly.

Southern Spain and Portugal in autumn - it's not ugly.

Why November is the best time of year to travel

By Nick Trend via Traveller

Travel is all about supply and demand. If you run a hotel or an airline, you keep prices high when you know you can sell all your stock; and you cut them when you can't. The one month when the travel industry consistently struggles to sell rooms and seats is November. Traditionally, most people just don't travel between now and the first couple of weeks of December. As a result, it is the cheapest time of year to travel.

There are some exceptions. There is huge demand for hotels and b&bs in New England at this time of year, because of its spectacular autumn colours. But for the vast majority of destinations around the world, you can get a late deal, a bargain flight or a good room in a top hotel more easily and more cheaply than at any other time of year.

Of course, there are good reasons why people don't tend to travel now. In Europe, there is little sun, lots of rain, and no snow. 

But some places are at their best in November and, if you can get away for a week, or a short break, and you choose the right place, it can be a highly-rewarding time to travel. Here are five suggestions of where to go.


It won't be hot, there may be some rain, and you need to time your trip to avoid the high tides which can flood St Marks at this time of year (check at But the autumn mist can be stunning, the sights are clear of tourists, and if it rains, you can duck into some of the greatest museums in the world.


Seville has one of the warmest and sunniest climates of any European city - the average November high is 20C with five hours of sun a day. It is also ideal for a short break - there great food and drink (tapas, Iberico ham, sherry), fabulous architecture (especially the cathedral and the Alcazar), the excellent Bellas Artes (fine arts) museum and some top-class shopping.


Technically, there is still a risk of hurricanes in the Caribbean. But they are rare in November and especially so in Barbados, when the weather is settling down for the long, sunny winter. There will always be some rain at any time of year, but it comes in heavy showers, not from leaden skies, and on average there are eight hours a day of sunshine in November.


Half term is over, the Christmas holidays are six weeks away - this is the time to make the most of a mild climate, a huge choice of hotels and the most competitive prices of the year. Temperatures on Tenerife peak at 21C on average this month, you can expect six hours of sun a day, and the sea is still 22C.

Cape Town

Cape Town enjoys ten hours a day of sun, and top temperatures of 21C. The jacaranda trees are in blossom, and it's a great time to enjoy the city for a few days before heading out to the Winelands and catching spring at its best on the Garden Route.