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Travel tips: Things you never thought to do with straws and buttons

Elissa Webster

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love this sort of thing - to my mind, it's among the best contributions the Internet makes to modern life. Of course, when it actually comes time to pack, I never remember any of the useful tips (like putting dryer sheets in shoes - genius!) or am organised enough for threading necklaces through straws and earrings in buttons. 

But I love the concept of packing hacks and if I ever come across someone in my travels who is actually using them, they will immediately enter my list of ingenious heroes Wall of Fame, alongside esteemed company such as MacGyver and John McClane (my penchant for save-the-day action adventures should probably be explored another day...).

The ultimate travel packing accessory - for when an old glasses case just won't cut it ;)

The ultimate travel packing accessory - for when an old glasses case just won't cut it ;)

Anyway, here they are. I've added some special comments along the way ;)

15 crucial packing hacks to keep your wardrobe fresh


1. String your necklace through a straw.


Unclasp your necklace, string the ends through a straw and re-clasp it. Not only will it keep your necklace from getting lost or tangled, it can be easily organized with all the rest of your necklaces and jewelry pieces.

Alternatively, you could pack some neck candy that doesn't need that kind of mollycoddling - try the tribal necklace in iron, the silvery leaf necklace, or my new fav - the shale necklace in brass. And did I mention they are ethical as well as hardy?? Nice.

2. Roll your clothes.

If you're a chronic overpacker, this tip is for you. Rolling all of your clothing items, from jeans to tees, will save space and prevent wrinkles.

3. Put a napkin in your face powder.

To keep your makeup from breaking and spilling, stuff a thin napkin, paper towel, cotton pad etc. onto the powder and clasp shut.

4. Stick small stud earrings into buttons.


Tiny earrings can get lost at the bottom of your luggage. Push them into little buttons to keep them in one place and prevent you from having to dig through your bag.

Orrrrr - forget the dainty pieces and pack some earrings with spunk. Like the geo drop earrings in silver or the recycled brass bombshell earrings in the peace design for instance.

6. Plastic-wrap your liquid lotions.

No matter how big the bottle of lotion or cream, plastic wrap the top of the lotion and then fasten the cap on top of the wrap. This will keep unwanted liquids from ruining your clothing.

7. Store cords in an old glasses case.

Not only will you know where every one of your chargers and cords is, this prevents tangling and protects them from the elements.

Of course, this is a hack for people who haven't yet cottoned on to the wonders of the eco leather travel pouch in grey, handmade in India. No more tangled cords and missing USBs - and a sight more stylish than an old glasses case!

8. Keep small amounts of lotions in an empty pill bottle.

If you don't want to lug around full bottles of lotion or shampoo, fill an empty pill bottle. It makes for the perfect travel-sized version of your must-have products without the risk of a shampoo explosion.

9. Stack your bras on top of each other.

Preserve your intimates by stacking each bra into one another and folding. For double the protection, store intimates in a plastic or cloth bag that came with a new purse or pair of heels.

10. Put earrings and rings in an extra contact case.

Store valuable jewelry items that are easily lost in an extra contact case.

11. Tuck hot styling tools into an oven mitt.

If you have to run and can't wait for your flatiron to cool down, pack an extra oven mitt or pot holder.

12. Place a dryer sheet in your shoes.

Dryer sheets prevent shoes and clothing from releasing strange odors in your packed luggage.

13. Wrap perfume in a washcloth

If you don't have access to a travel-sized perfume alternative, wrap a washcloth or small towel around the bottle and fasten with a rubber band or hair tie. If that still makes you nervous, stick the wrapped perfume into a shoe.

14. Bring squeezable shampoo instead of hard plastic containers


You are lying if you say your shampoo has never exploded in your suitcase. Either the lid gets loose or the pressure in an airplane causes a mess. In order to prevent this, bring squeezable shampoo and remove any air inside ahead of time.

15. Turn your blazer inside out.


If you're traveling for a special occasion, you do no want to show up to the event looking disheveled. Flipping your blazer inside out, folding and rolling will prevent creases and last-minute ironing.