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Travel stories, inspiration, news and musing

We are the dreamers, the seekers, the travellers, the adventurers, the optimists. It's nice to meet you! There are lots of us with the same DNA - we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

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Mid week meetings: Aimee

Aimee Pearce

Hi! Since we're hanging out so often, I thought it might be nice to actually introduce myself...

My name is Aimée and I make up one half of the dream team that is Wanderlust People! 

Obviously my favourite thing in the world to do is travel. But here are a few little insights into my world....

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Hawaii highlights

Aimee Pearce

As we come to the end of our 10-day trip to Hawaii, in summary, I can only say that I am far from ready to come home!

It's been such an awesome holiday- the perfect blend of beaches, food, scenery, relaxation and adventure. We had three nights staying at Waikiki on Oahu Island and a week on Kauai Island at Poipu beach. 

A friend asked me if Hawaii has been everything I thought it would be and my answer was that it has actually been better than I imagined! To be honest I think part of he reason why, is because as a destination it actually wasn't high on my list of places to visit.i was even to visit Hawaii at some stage but we chose it because it seemed to tick all the right boxes (great beaches makes for a perfect winter escape, not too far to fly, no stopovers required, easy to get around and see quite a lot when we could only take a short amount of time off work). On reflection, I think sometimes it can work in your favour when a destination isn't necessarily high on your bucket list, because you don't have an endless list of must-see places and must-do experiences (that can sometimes leave you feeling a little underwhelmed if you've been dreaming about them for years). Instead every great experience is a nice surprise!

So here are some of my observations and highlights from our Hawaii trip:

Waikiki was a pleasant surprise. To be honest, I was expecting brash and busy. And while Waikiki does have a little bit of those traits in her personality, as a destination, it was actually far nicer than I had imagined. The beaches may be fronted by resorts and the water packed with swimmers, surfers and SUPers, but  there is a reason people flock here - the beaches are stunning, the sunsets are superb and there is plenty to do. Especially as a family holiday destination, Waikiki makes a lot of sense. In saying that, I wouldn't choose to stay there for a long time! It's nice to fly in and get a taste and then head somewhere a bit more remote - of course entirely my opinion.

The Duke - the father of modern surfing - standing guard at Waikiki beach 

The Duke - the father of modern surfing - standing guard at Waikiki beach 

As a second island to visit, I cannot say enough positive things about Kauai. In fact I don't think I have anything negative to say! The landscape and scenery is spectacular! So many roads you are driving right along the beach but the entire island is framed by ancient, volcanic, mountains in shades of fluorescent green. There are so many different beaches to choose from, calm, relaxing, quiet beaches, family beaches that are great for kids, surfing beaches, rugged beaches, secret beaches. And everywhere you go the water is crystal clear. Sigh!

One of the things I did have high expectations and hopes for was a sailing trip along the Na Pali Coast. And of course that was the one thing that was shot down in flames! Coast guard rules - you have to be two to sail and of I course Samuel is 10 days off his second year milestone. I took the news really well (read: I pouted like a teenager for a good while and started dropping hints about helicopter flights because I REALLY wanted to see the Na Pali Coast. But we are supposed to be travelling on a bit of a budget - because the Aussie dollar is so horrendous we have spent way more on accommodation than we had planned to so we are trying to be fairly budget conscious while we are here. So we compromised! Adam found a hike that seemed fairly achievable and would take us along the beginning of what is the very long Na Pali Coast trail, with the promise of great views of the rugged coast. It was two miles from Ke'e Beach to Hanakapi'ai beach and then you have to walk back, so about six kilometres return. I'll admit I was a little skeptical how Samuel would go the entire way but apart from a minor meltdown leaving Hanakapi'ai beach (he just wanted to keep swimming) he was an absolute trooper. As was Adam who did most of the walk with Samuel on his shoulders. The photos speak for themselves. This was an absolute highlight and I highly recommend it!

FOOD TRUCKS! How great is food from roadside food trucks? At home it's a bit of a new revolution but in Hawaii and especially Kauai it is very much embedded in the island lifestyle. It's easy, it's affordable, it's everywhere, and it's delicious!

Lining up for fresh shrimp and Ahi

Lining up for fresh shrimp and Ahi

Fresh fish tacos from a Kauai food truck

Fresh fish tacos from a Kauai food truck


There is something very special about American hospitality and friendliness we have definitely experienced that again here in Hawaii. In checking our bags in for our Hawaiian Airlines flight we had a woman come and help get everything ticketed and calculate all our baggage for us, even though it's a self service area. In every restaurant, everyone goes out of their way to interact with Samuel and say hi - in fact everywhere we go people stop to chat to him. And then on the beach yesterday we had been frolicking in the water and lying on the grass for about an hour when a lady went out of her to way to walk over from the other side of the beach to us just to come and say that she had got so much joy watching us play and interact with our child. And she just wanted to tell us that! Well I don't think that's ever happened to me before but I may have shed a little tear. And it's those kind of interactions that make travelling so special.

Mahalo Hawaii!

Hawaii Baby!

Aimee Pearce

Ok so if I haven't made it abundantly clear already.... I'M GOING TO HAWAII TOMORROW AND I'M JUST A LITTLE EXCITED!!!!

There are a million reasons why I'm excited but here are just a few:

  • The anticipation! I love the lead-up to a new adventure. All the thoughts and daydreams and contemplation about how great it's going to be? Elissa wrote a great blog on this last week - check it out if you missed it here.
  • To explore somewhere new! I've never been to Hawaii so I'm really excited to just explore and experience everything for the first time.
  • The food. From what I've been reading Hawaii has a great array of cuisines to sample - from traditional Hawaiian treats like crack seed (Chinese-inspired, dried fruit candy - weird right!?!?!) and poke (marinated raw fish salad) to fine dining options and food trucks serving up delicious Mexican delights.
  • The sunsets. We've all seen photos of Hawaiian sunsets but I'm pretty pumped to experience them in person!
  • The natural spectacles. There are some places you have to see to believe right? Like Waimea Canyon, the North Shore and the Na Pali Coast.

So I'm sorry you can't come with me but I promise to take you in spirit! I'll be snapping lots of photos of our trip and I'll look forward to sharing them with you on Instagram and Facebook. And don't forget to hit me up if you have any recommendations for me. I'd love to hear your hot tips.

Aloha Hawaii - can I come over?!

Aloha Hawaii - can I come over?!

3 things you didn't know about Hawaii

Elissa Webster

Here's the thing - everyone thinks they already know everything there is to know about Hawaii because they've seen a few episodes of Hawaii Five O (and yes, no one is arguing that the 60s version was better, so let's not even go there). But having been to Hawaii - and expecting not much more than a pleasant few days in the sun as a stopover en route to the other 49 States of America - I can tell you that there is more to these islands than first meets the eye.

And I'm super excited that my Wanderlust People partner in crime, Aimee, is heading there THIS WEEKEND!

Sure, there is the glitzy strip of Waikiki that is everything you imagine it will be - shoulder to shoulder tourists sunburning themselves on resort towels in the sand and posers strutting the street in heels and not much else. But go even a few streets back, or to the other side of O'ahu for a start, and you'll see a much less plastic side of the last state to join the US of A. Rolling hills of pineapple plantations,  picture perfect waterfalls and - not so unexpectedly - breathtaking, untamed surf breaks. And that's just O'ahu - Hawaii's other islands offer even more opportunities to break free from the pack and explore a pretty unique part of the world.

So in the interest of whetting your appetite, here are the top 3 things I didn't know about Hawaii before I went...

1. There's more to Hawaii than beaches


The beaches are amazing (with the possible exception of Waikiki - I don't need such close proximity to my fellow man in a beach experience). And an important point to not is that they are all publicly accessible, even if they nudge up to a fancy resort or a gated community of some sort. But they are actually not the coolest natural occurring drawcard of the islands. There are plummeting cliffs, pristine forests, acres of marine parks (including the 360,000 km2 of reefs, atolls and deep sea of the protected Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, which is an area larger than all of the national parks in the US combined), and there's something about impressive waves too... But the coolest natural attraction in Hawaii in my book is the volcanoes. Which brings me to number 2.

2. Hawaii is getting bigger all the time


That's right - while most sea-kissing places are worrying about losing land to climate change and rising oceans, Hawaii is actually adding to its land mass every day. And it's all thanks to Kīlauea, part of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island, which has been erupting continuously since 1983 and is possibly the world's most  active volcano. As the lava flows into the sea it solidifies and extends the coastline out bit by bit. Locals have been built shacks on the new rocky outcrops in a kind of modern day land rush. Combined with the spectacle of molten hot lava spewing into the sea, it makes for pretty interesting exploring!  And exploring makes me hungry. And that leads me to point 3.

3.  The food is actually pretty good


I was expecting lots of greasy burgers and sugar dipped doughnuts. But in actual fact, there is plenty of great food to be had in Hawaii. There are farmers' markets a plenty on these islands, with no shortage of tropical fruit and fresh veggies. Coffee plantations are proud of their brews and local vodka made with sugar cane and deep-ocean mineral water is there for the taking. Roadside trucks offer fruity smoothies, a mean shave ice, and some decent plate lunches. And then there are Hawaii's specialties - furikake chicken, malasada (Hawaiian-Portuguese doughnuts) and manju (sweet buns filled with coconut, sweet potato, and other good stuff). I'm back on a sun-soaked holiday just thinking about it!

So happy travels Aimee - and stay tuned for her hot tips and pics direct from Hawaii for 10 sun-filled days from Friday!  

The anticipation is killing me!

Elissa Webster

But I wouldn't have it any other way!

You see, in 17 short sleeps, I will be handing over my passport for stamping, taking that excitement-charged walk down the boarding ramp, and waving goodbye to the ant-sized people of home for a month (four sweet weeks, yeeewww!) as I head off on a jaunt around western Europe. Even better, I've got someone to compare notes on excitement levels with, because Aimee is about to head off on a 30th birthday (opps, did I let the cat out of the bag?!) adventure to Hawaii. 


I'm not the only one in my family who's feeling a little bit excited...

I'm not the only one in my family who's feeling a little bit excited...

But as marvellous as I know it will be to breathe in the grassy air of St James Park on a London summer day, bask in the sun on a Spanish beach, roam the cellars of Bordeaux, soak in the style along Parisian avenues, and eat all the pintxo, tapas, croissants and cheese I can conceive of, I also know, from previous experience, that this nearly-there, just-can't-wait, so-excited-I-can-hardly-breathe-sometimes feeling is one of the best bits about travel.

What now?!

OK, don't get me wrong. Some of the other best bits about travel are exactly the opposite of this agonising state of anticipation - the thrill of finding yourself in a place that is every bit as awesome as you dreamed it would be, for instance, or the magnificence of a serendipitous moment that is completely unplanned but will forever capture the essence of that particular grand adventure in your memory because it was so much better than you could ever have contrived or even imagined.   

But there is something that never gets old about getting ready to go. Not the packing of bags and checking of visas and doing of last minute jobs - because those bits get old pretty fast, let's not kid ourselves - but the circling of dates on calendars, and the casual dropping into conversation of the impending event, and the imagining of all the cool stuff you're about to see and do and eat and hear - there's nothing quite like the feeling those simple things combine to create. In fact, I think I'd feel pretty robbed if someone sent me on a surprise trip tomorrow and I didn't get to experience them (although just in case someone's planning that, I would probably get over it!).

So with 17 sleeps to go, I'm in a fever of excitement - and I'm relishing it!