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Travel stories, inspiration, news and musing

We are the dreamers, the seekers, the travellers, the adventurers, the optimists. It's nice to meet you! There are lots of us with the same DNA - we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

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Rajasthan dreaming

Aimee Pearce

There few places that inspire creativity and ooze colour, culture and charm quite like Rajasthan. You can't visit this northern state of India without falling head over heels for the ancient architecture, the beautiful people and of course the rich craft traditions.

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Mid week meetings: Aimee

Aimee Pearce

Hi! Since we're hanging out so often, I thought it might be nice to actually introduce myself...

My name is Aimée and I make up one half of the dream team that is Wanderlust People! 

Obviously my favourite thing in the world to do is travel. But here are a few little insights into my world....

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On the road....5 awesome modes of transport

Aimee Pearce

Catching public transport just doesn't have the same appeal at home. There's nothing exotic about jumping on a bus in Brisbane city or slogging it through the burbs on your daily train commute. Where I live on the Sunshine Coast we barely even have public transport! And yet, when you're in a foreign country, the way you get from point A to point B, all become part of the glorious, romantic adventure. Whether it's riding on the back of a motorbike in Indonesia, (without the inhibitions of a helmet) or dodging heart-palpitation-inducing traffic in an Indian rickshaw - the way we travel becomes part of the beautiful fabric of our journey tales. But there are risks and rewards with every option!

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My favourite places in all the world

Elissa Webster

If it's good enough for Lonely Planet, it's good enough for me. That's often been my rule of thumb in judging the merits of kinda dodging looking hostels and dubious modes of transport in the world's more remote reaches. And since Lonely Planet has just released its annual Best in Travel list, I figure I can do one too - albeit with the knowledge that such lists are obviously highly subjective and instrinsically pretty self indulgent.

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India: The beauty and the beast

Elissa Webster

It’s the land of a thousand festivals, a million pungent smells and over a billion people. It’s the world’s largest democracy and has the largest population of slaves in the modern world. Despite the hassle and hustle, or maybe even because of it, there's something about India and her people that seeps into your soul. 

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How to take better travel photos

Elissa Webster

We all want to take better photos, right? Nothing brings back the memories of the perfect moments of spectacular trip better than your photos. Apart from the treasures you bring home, your photos are often all you can show your family and friends to give them a taste of the experience you've had. 

We're here to help!

A billion people have probably taken this photo - but this is mine, and takes me straight back to the first moment I laid eyes on this beauty.

A billion people have probably taken this photo - but this is mine, and takes me straight back to the first moment I laid eyes on this beauty.

Lisa Limer is a professional photographer and travel guide who has worked in more than 48 countries for publications including Conde Nast Traveler, The New York Times, and Sophisticated Traveler. These are her top five tips for taking great travel photos.

1. Educate yourself about the location before leaving home.

The more I know about the place I am traveling to, the more clarity I have as to what, when, and where I need to be during my visit. The same will be true even for those guided on a tour. Learn what you can about the country, its culture, and landscape.

Find out about any particular events or festivals taking place during your travels. Are there important monuments and architecture that might interest you? Communities you want to visit?

Then do an Internet search of images based on your research. It's helpful to see the work of other photographers as a means of scouting the location beforehand. You will quickly see what the stereotypical images are and what you may want to avoid, as well as some new ideas to consider.

2. When you arrive at your destination, take a deep breath and give yourself time to experience it.

No need to pull your camera out of the bag the moment you arrive at the Taj Mahal! 
Remember that photography reflects your experience and you need time to "see" your destination.

Think about what catches your attention and how best to capture it. Let the process evolve. The longer you are at a site, the more of a chance you will have to discover a personal response.

3. Establish contact.

Particularly when photographing people, invest the time to communicate with the person you want to photograph. Sometimes it is just a gesture, but making someone comfortable with your presence makes a big difference with the success of your image.

If you are shooting digitally, you can play back the result. Or shoot a Polaroid. Making your subject comfortable and complicit not only makes your photograph better but also makes your trip more memorable.

4. Be conscious of the quality of light.

Photography depends on light and the understanding that being in the right location at the right time of day enhances the quality of your photograph.

Not only the bewitching hours of early morning and late afternoon count... perhaps it is dusk, or in the fog, or the harsh sunlight that creates dramatic shadows. What is important is your awareness and sensitivity to light.

5. Enjoy the unexpected and be prepared for the unexpected.

Traveling requires that you give up on a certain degree of control. Good travel photography requires all of the above plus tenacity and a great amount of flexibility. Bad weather, transportation delays, etc. are inevitable. Perhaps it is raining and it ruins your plans for the day. How can you turn this into an advantage. Perhaps find an interior location that interests you. Did you bring a tripod?

Take the day to scout locations for the next day when the weather clears, and you will know what time is best for the light. What is important is making the most of whatever circumstances come your way.

Tips via Huffington Post

Copper delight

Aimee Pearce

We love seeing photos of customers with their new Wanderlust People purchases! Couldn't resist sharing this photo of the lovely Jen showing off her latest love - the Copper curry pot.

Shining and solid, this copper and stainless steel curry pot is sure to be one the most treasured items in your kitchen. Featuring a simple design with contrasting handles and a matching lid, the artisans from Aspiration International in India have crafted a piece that will bring pleasure to both the eyes and bellies of your families and friends.

Dimensions: 27cm wide x 7cm high.


Check it out online!

An incredible person

Aimee Pearce

Humans are all about connections right? We are relational, we like to make friends, we like knowing the name and the story of the barista who makes our coffee in the morning. And we think this connectivity should extend to other areas of our consumption as well - like online shopping! 

That's one of the reasons we are created this space. To share the stories of our journeys and the stories of the people who create the beautiful things that we fill our homes with and gift to the people we love the most.

And so - meet an incredible person....

The person: Vipin Kumar Sharma

What makes him special: Vipin, the son of an artisan, remembers how his father started their workshop in a small room in their house in Agra, India. Now in his second year of college, Vipin has become proficient in his father's trade, which specialises in marble that still comes from Rajasthan, just as it did centuries ago when Shahjahan had the Taj Mahal built. And look how that turned out.

THAT leather sling bag

There is something about leather sling bags that just ooze wanderlust! Practical, stylish and sleek, this round sling in caramel and chocolate is just begging to go on an adventure with you!

Available online this week!
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