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Travel stories, inspiration, news and musing

We are the dreamers, the seekers, the travellers, the adventurers, the optimists. It's nice to meet you! There are lots of us with the same DNA - we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

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South Pacific Exploring

Aimee Pearce

It's true that there is no perfect place to travel. No ideal locale that will suit every individual's whim. You might love a particular destination while for someone else it's a little too busy or there's not enough [insert whiny tourist gripe i.e. coffee]. But I think it's also true that your experience and what you take away from a trip, mostly comes down to attitude.

I've recently return from a week on Norfolk Island - a big family trip where we all stayed in one beautiful, big house and explored every inch of the island we could possibly squeeze into seven days. Now Norfolk Island actually wasn't high on my hit list of travel destinations but my parents planned the trip and I'm generally a get-on-board-and-enjoy-the-adventure kind of person and when it comes to travel, I think it's the only way to be.

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The beauty of Pamplemousse

Aimee Pearce

You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten a pamplemousse from Vanuatu. It might seem like a sweeping and unverifiably big call, but I stand by it: the pamplemousse is amazing. According to Google Translate, pamplemousse is the French word for grapefruit. This is quite misleading. In my experience of grapefruit, in Australia at least, they don’t even begin to compare to the wonder that is pamplemousse.

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Island boho magic

Aimee Pearce

Mostly having Elissa live on the other side of the world [read: the Pacific, I have a flair for the dramatic] sucks. Having your wing-woman/business partner/red-wine-sharing/kitchen conversationalist/life and world problem solver MIA is mostly the worst. But there is the occasional perk. Like the on-location photo shoot opportunities.

Some of this product isn't even online yet but I couldn't resist giving you a sneak peak into this dreamy island boho shoot. Our gorgeous wanderlust-inspired pieces certainly looked right at home in the Pacific.

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Things that (unexpectedly) work in Vanuatu

Elissa Webster

Anyone who has travelled anywhere knows that things always work differently to home – sometimes a little bit, and sometimes a lot. When you are just passing through, you notice them, you might even have a little chuckle about them, but you tend not to be bothered too much by them – in fact, they generally add to the charm of being someplace else. It’s not until you spend some time somewhere, put down some roots and get a mailing address, that you really realise that you are properly not in Kansas anymore, Toto. After a while, you start to miss some stuff about home that you’ve never really thought much about before. Some of those things that work differently – some of them begin to grate. Sometimes a little bit, and sometimes a lot. But some of those things that seemed so strange at the beginning actually make more and more sense the deeper in you get.

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But why?

Aimee Pearce

When we told the people we knew – our family and friends, our work colleagues, the guy at the corner shop, the parents of our kids’ friends, our local barista – that we were packing up our house, scaling back our work in Australia, taking our three children and moving to Vanuatu for 18 months, there were three types of reactions.

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