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Travel stories, inspiration, news and musing

We are the dreamers, the seekers, the travellers, the adventurers, the optimists. It's nice to meet you! There are lots of us with the same DNA - we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

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Beauty from ashes

Aimee Pearce

There is perhaps nothing more beautiful - literally and philosophically - than the skill of turning something that was used for warfare, for death, for genocide, into a symbol of beauty, a message of hope and a means to provide for one's family.

We are proud to be stocking a stunning new range of recycled bombshell jewellery from our Artisan partners Rajana Crafts in Cambodia.

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In the spotlight - Sasha

Aimee Pearce

One of the things we love most about who we are and what we do, is that we get to partner with some amazing producer groups around the world who are the creative genius behind our product range. Sasha is a not-for-profit organisation working with more than a hundred artisans and craft communities all over India. Since its inception in 1978, Sasha has worked towards developing craft communities so their skills and creativity find expression, recognition and fulfillment.

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Travel lightly: 5 ways to minimise your global footprint while travelling

Aimee Pearce

By it's very nature, travel undeniably impacts on the environment and the people and cultures who are part of the travel process. You can't get from one side of the world to the other without leaving some form of footprint and so as responsible global citizens, there is plenty of room for us to learn how to travel "lighter" and minimise our global footprint. There are loads of buzzwords being thrown around on this topic - from eco travel to green travel and responsible travel to sustainable travel - but what travellers really want to know is how can we implement simple but effective changes to the way we travel in order to really make a difference.

We hear you! That's why we have come up with this list of things you can do to start travelling lightly.

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Artisan spotlight

Aimee Pearce

Rufino is one of the craftsmen who works with our partner CIAP, in Peru. Originally from Huancané - Puno, Rufino has been in Lima for about 11 years. He started playing music by ear with his brother who manufactured instruments. After completing school and military service, at age 21, Rufino became independent and continued the family tradition by starting his own workshop for making musical instruments.

 We love your work Rufino!

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An incredible person

Aimee Pearce

Humans are all about connections right? We are relational, we like to make friends, we like knowing the name and the story of the barista who makes our coffee in the morning. And we think this connectivity should extend to other areas of our consumption as well - like online shopping! 

That's one of the reasons we are created this space. To share the stories of our journeys and the stories of the people who create the beautiful things that we fill our homes with and gift to the people we love the most.

And so - meet an incredible person....

The person: Vipin Kumar Sharma

What makes him special: Vipin, the son of an artisan, remembers how his father started their workshop in a small room in their house in Agra, India. Now in his second year of college, Vipin has become proficient in his father's trade, which specialises in marble that still comes from Rajasthan, just as it did centuries ago when Shahjahan had the Taj Mahal built. And look how that turned out.