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Dismal progress on child labour in India

Aimee Pearce

Late last week India was issued a dismal prediction on ending child labour, with a new report suggesting that it will take one hundred years to see it completely abolished.

There seems to be a more positive perception that we are making substantial progress on tacking child labour, but the report by Child Rights and You (CRY) seems to prove otherwise.

According to the analysis of data undertaken by CRY, over the last decade, child labour in India has only been decreasing at the measly rate of 2.2 per cent.

Even more concerning was the finding that in urban Indian areas, child labour actually increased by 53 per cent from 2001-2011.

You can read more on this report in the Times of India story

Wanderlust People is absolutely, anti-child labour. Child labour is defined as: that children should not be doing because they are too young to work, or – if they are old enough to work – because it is dangerous or otherwise unsuitable for them.
— International Labour Organization (ILO)
Photo: ILO

Photo: ILO

There are all kinds of health and development risks to children who are forced into early labour. The ILO put together this great video that highlights child labour globally.

As consumers, we all have an ethical and moral responsibility to ensure our buying habits are not keeping children trapped in slavery. It starts with awareness! Sharing stories like these on social media is a simple and effective way to keep the conversation going. So why don't you share this blog post with your friends! And shop ethical! You can read more about our philosophy and pursuit of sustainability here or why don't you check out Got A Question? to find out more about fairtrade and ethical shopping. 100 years of child labour in India is 100 years too long but we believe that together, we can make a difference.