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Travel stories, inspiration, news and musing

We are the dreamers, the seekers, the travellers, the adventurers, the optimists. It's nice to meet you! There are lots of us with the same DNA - we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

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People doing cool stuff

Aimee Pearce

There's no doubt the world can be a crazy and sometimes overwhelming place. News of war and politics, famine and drought bombard us daily. In fact sometimes by the minute if we are connected to our smart phones. And yes, we should be concerned. We should be aware. We should have an opinion. But amidst the madness and the upheaval there is something simple and beautiful. Amazing people, doing some pretty cool stuff.

Frontier Innovators is highlighting some of these amazing people through the Frontier Innovators awards which honours some of the most impactful businesses and organisations across Asia Pacific. And trust me, there are plenty of projects and innovators to choose from.

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Second chance start

Aimee Pearce

Is anyone else slightly perturbed that it's already the end of January? Did we not just pack up the Christmas tree? Was it not only yesterday that we started with ambitious goals and aspiration for a better year? A new you? A healthier body, a closer family, a wiser consumer a more centred-self? Are you on your way? Or are you still like me - running out the door with a processed snack in hand, an unattainable list of jobs to complete, kids half dressed, dreaming of your next getaway?

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Small Towns – For Better or Worse

Aimee Pearce

You know the great thing about living in a small town? The stuff you do makes a difference. And you know the downside of living in a small town? The stuff you do makes a difference.

Here’s one example. Here in Port Vila, recycling is still in the nascent stages. It’s hard for us Aussies to get our heads around the realities of the situation. We know this not only from personal experience, but because everyone of the gazillion of Australians who have come to visit us here has tried at some point to recycle a wine bottle – and it’s not possible here. Really. You can recycle beer bottles, as long as they are the green, locally brewed variety, by taking them back to the brewery. You can recycle aluminium and steel cans, by taking them to a one of the designated drop off points at a government department more or less near you. You can recycle batteries, by taking them to one of their (totally different) designated drop off points. As of last week, now you can even recycle plastic water bottles – by taking them back to the plastic water bottle factory.

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When sustainable worlds collide...Wanderlust People catches up with AmyAnn Cadwell from The Good Trade

Aimee Pearce

As an ethical brand we love connecting with like-minded businesses and individuals who can inspire our community in our sustainable lifestyle journey. Here we catch up with AmyAnn Cadwell, the founder of The Good Trade, to find out more about ethical consumerism and why sustainability in trade is important....

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On the road with the Grassroots Nomad

Aimee Pearce

Laura Fairbourn AKA the Grassroots Nomad is living the dream. An avid traveller, she has combined her passions for volunteering and slow travel and is currently gallivanting the globe, spending time immersing herself in local culture while volunteering with grassroots, community organisations. Aimée recently interrupted her Spanish studies in Xela, Guatemala to talk all things ethical travel.

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Some not-so-fun facts about the fashion industry

Aimee Pearce

One of my New Year's resolutions is to buy less "stuff". Don't get me wrong, I love a new pair of jeans as much as the next girl, but you don't need to do much research to discover the impact our purchases are having on the world - environmentally and socially.

I stumbled across this great article with 15 simple, yet mind-blowing facts about the fashion industry. Like for example, did you know that fashion is the THIRD most polluting industry in the WORLD! Only beaten by oil and agriculture?!?! And did you know it takes 900 gallons of water (that's 0ver 3400 LITRES!) to make a SINGLE PAIR OF JEANS!!!!

15 Mind-Blowing Eco Facts You Didn't Know About the Fashion Industry

by Michelle Scanga via

Leave it to the insanely cool and eco-friendly brand Reformation to bring alarming facts about the fashion industry to our attention. Since the earth-enthusiasts and designers at the L.A. based label make it their mission to create eco-friendly clothing, it’s no surprise they’re spreading awareness about the importance of saving the environment. Not only does the brand create items every girl wants to wear (really, this dress constantly sells out), it starts conversation about conserving the earth and how to make it a stylish priority. Since its launch in 2009, Reformation has exposed crazy facts about the waste and pollution that goes on in the fashion industry and believe us, the details are certainly attention-grabbing. To prove it, we’ve gathered 15 of the most jaw-dropping facts! 

Click through to find out and make sure to head over to Reformation to learn more about their latest project, "The Low Carb Collection."

So while you're contemplating these somewhat horrifying facts - the great news is, there are alternative options! There are ways we can limit our impact and make better consumer choices. That's why we are passionate about Fairtrade! And that's why we scour the globe to bring you a great collection of ethical gifts.

You're welcome!