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Travel stories, inspiration, news and musing

We are the dreamers, the seekers, the travellers, the adventurers, the optimists. It's nice to meet you! There are lots of us with the same DNA - we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

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The Christmas giftlist edition

Aimee Pearce

There is still time. The calendar is suspended somewhere in between the calm, collectedness of ample planning time and the looming madness and chaos that we associate with DECEMBER!!!! Yes there are the beautiful lights and the festive decorations, the parties and indulgence that we love about the Christmas season, but the planning??? Yep it can be fairly stressful.

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Spring facelift - new season, new look

Aimee Pearce

I love the kind of weekends that leave you with a new appreciation of where you live. Us wanderlusters are blessed (or cursed depending which way you look at it) with a zest for life and passion for travel that on good days makes us beautiful dreamers, seekers, explorers, wanderers and on bad days leaves us feeling unsettled, disconnected, and if we are really honest, a little irritating to be around because we can't connect with the here and now.

That's why if you're a wanderluster at heart who can't ALWAYS be wandering, it's important for your own mental health (and probably even more so for those around you) to stay connected and in awe of the beauty around you - in the here and now. So you're not always dreaming of somewhere else, somewhere better.

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Ethical Gift Guide: Top Gift Ideas for Travellers

Aimee Pearce

We are absolutely honoured to be featured in the Ethical Gift Guide put together by our fellow Wanderluster, Laura from Grassroots Nomad. It's a stellar lineup of brilliant gift ideas that will provide plenty of inspiration for your Christmas shopping.

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The modern gentleman's wingman

Aimee Pearce

Men. You know how they are - they like to wring out every last drop of use and convincing them to part with a tattered and bedraggled utilitarian item - like a circa 1974 wallet, for instance - is like asking them to part with a faithful old comrade. So when the time comes for a new wingman, it needs to have the style and stamina to span the decades. It needs to meet the challenges of the modern era and those yet to be imagined, and it needs to age as gracefully as its owner. And if it has a matching travel pouch (read: next Father's Day present), so much the better.

It's a tall order - but we've got your back. And your dad's next birthday present.

Gifts for mini globe trotters

Aimee Pearce

There are some beautiful gifts available in our online collection this week for the children in your world.

These gorgeous handmade soft toys, musical instruments, finger puppets and bags are handcrafted by artisans in India, Indonesia and Peru and are sure to bring lots of joy to your mini globe trotter.

Great for birthdays, baby showers or any special events.


Check them out in our online store

Great gift ideas for kids

Aimee Pearce

Is it just me or can children be REALLY difficult to buy for?

There are the children who have everything, the children who like nothing and then there are the baby showers where you don't even know the gender of the child yet!

Every week, Wanderlust People a different range of beautiful treasures for children so you never have to worry about that next birthday, baby shower or special event. Not only are our products fair trade certified but they are also eco-friendly and tell an amazing story of the people and cultures who created them.

Here are just a few of the treasures you can buy for all the bambinis in your life this week