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How we source and share our products

Come on the wanderlust journey to see how each thing of beauty finds it way into your world.

How It Works 

... We trawl through the world's most amazing marketplaces, sifting through piles of arts and crafts and find the products we know you will love the most.

... We choose products that have a story! These pieces will take pride of place in your home – they will pique interest, inject colour and spark conversation. And when people are drawn to the beauty, the feel or the warmth of your treasure, you will have its story – of the person who created it and the wanderlust that inspired it – to tell.

... We are committed to Fairtrade. This means you can feel magnificent about every piece you buy, knowing that it is ethically and sustainably produced and sourced and the artisans who created it have been paid a fair wage for their craft. Your purchasing power has worked for good, not evil, by providing employment for someone in the developing world and supporting the survival of traditional craftsmanship.

... We gather a selection of amazing finds sourced from around the world in the Wanderlust People market. Like all true treasures, there is only a limited number of each  which makes them all the more precious!

... You fall in love with our treasures and buy them. How could you not?

... We wrap up your gift and send it with love, straight to your door.

... You tell your friends all about your new favourite purchase, the story behind it, and the wanderlustworthy online destination where you found it– over coffee, at the water cooler, on social media, even from the rooftops if you're so inclined!

We hope you enjoy every step of the journey as much as we do!